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This Colorita is:

Handmade: Every Colorita is produced with the loving hands and in the traditional art of the women of the Wayuu from La Guajira, Colombia. Each handmade bag requires roughly 30 days of these women´s painstaking and seemingly undivided attention.
Fair: Behind every Colorita is a strong woman weaving her life´s history and experiences into your bag. These women pass down the art handweaving from mother to daughter through the generations. To ensure this continues we compensate each of them 4 times over the going market value.

Individual: Every Colorita is a one of a kind work of art inspired and created for you by the women of the Wayuu. Thusly, there will minor differences in the size and design of each Colorita. The floor of the bag, as well as the pattern of the strap and body will be individually customized by each individual weaver.


SKU: 0006
  • There may be minor differences in size and design.

    Our weavers customize each product individually and personalize the floor, body and strap. The following sizes are to be used for reference.

Endpreis zzgl. Versandkosten, keine Ausweisung der Mehrwertsteuer gemäß § 19 UStG.

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